What is Platform Engineering

platform engineering is the discipline of designing and building toolchains and workflows that enable self-service capabilities for software engineering organizations.

Why do Companies need platform engineering teams?

  • Before DevOps

    • Dev teams send deployable packages to ops teams waiting until deployment to happen depending on ops teams’ schedule.
    • If deployment has issues because of the code the Ops teams would wait for dev teams to fix it.
    • slow communication between ops and dev teams lead to slow delivery
  • DevOps Introduction

    • combine dev and ops in one team, less communication challenges.
    • ”You build it you run it”
  • problems with DevOps

    • High Cognitive Load on Engineers as they own the whole stack
    • Different Solutions for the same problem in the same company
  • Internal Developer Platform Introduction

    • Formal Definition: A set of tools and tech that a platform engineering team binds together into a golden path to enable developer self-service.
    • Internal: clearly separated from externally facing platforms, IDPs are meant for internal use only.
    • Developer – indicates the internal customer and the primary user, the application developer.
    • Platform – characterizes the product type
  • Why Internal Platform?

    • Providing Developers with self-service option and at the same time driving standardization IDPs boost developer productivity and developer experience through a reduction in waiting time or manual work for operations.
    • Every company/team has their own needs for IDP
  • How IDP help teams to build innovate faster

    • building a platform layer on top of the infrastructure that product teams can use without going deep into infra ca
    • having a shared solution for common problems.
    • Building a base for Product teams to use so they can kick-start their work directly without starting from scratch.
  • platform as a product

    • thoughtworks tech radar 2017 and then was popularized among the broader audiencece in team topolgies book

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