This method involves adding some conditions to global git config. Then within each git repo, it will automatically figure out which email to use based on the path.

By default, the global git config looked something like this for me.

# ~/.gitconfig
    email =
    name = Hao Dong

1. Rename “.gitconfig” to “.gitconfig-personal”

Rename the global config to ~/.gitconfig-personal using the following command. It will now be our new config for any personal projects.

mv .gitconfig .gitconfig-personal

Don’t worry, we will add the global config back later.

2. Create “.gitconfig-work”

Create the new config file for work.

touch ~/.gitconfig-work

Then add the following into the config file.

# ~/.gitconfig-work
    email =
    name = Hao Dong

3. Create a new “.gitconfig”

Add a new global .gitconfig file, this will point to the other two custom config files.

touch ~/.gitconfig

Then add the following into the global config file.

# ~/.gitconfig
[includeIf "gitdir:~/work/**"]
    path = .gitconfig-work
[includeIf "gitdir:~/personal/**"]
    path = .gitconfig-personal